Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Intensity of The Binding of Isaac's Boss Rush

Unless you've been under a rock the past few months, or you just don't check out any of my updates (shame on you!) you should know about my obsession with The Binding of Isaac. Recently I got a powerful PC (Thanks Ryan!) and have been introduced to the wonderful world of PC gaming aka Steam! Up until this point I have been solely playing TBoI on my Wii U. I was only able to experience Rebirth and, as a result, was missing out on the new DLC Afterbirth that was PC only.

Let's just say I couldn't resist and downloaded both Rebirth and Afterbirth the first day I had my PC. It was also around this time that I discovered the hidden Boss Rush room that can be entered by reaching and defeating Mom's first form in under 20 minutes!

 Notice the clock icon? That means you still have time to get to the Boss Rush

This means you must clear the first 6 floors of the game (including bosses) pretty quickly. I've been playing Rebirth for months and I just discovered this was a thing. I always noticed the clock icon, but I had no idea what its purpose was. I got extremely lucky with the items I found during this particular run and managed to breeze through most of the floors with little to no hindrance. I was amazed to find a giant opening in the wall after defeating Mom, so I did what any Isaac fanatic would do and ran straight through the opening into a giant room. 

There were 4 special items all next to each other in a neat little square. Without much thinking I grabbed one and that's when all Hell broke loose!! Two bosses appeared out of thin air and started to mercilessly attack Lazarus(the character I was playing as). I though to myself, Oh shit what have I done? It was then that the gamer in me went into autopilot mode and started taking out each boss one by one. After I defeated both bosses, 2 more would appear, and then 2 after them, and then 2 more after them. The adrenaline took over.

Before I knew it I had defeated 30 bosses in a row...

What the blood and entrails of every Binding of Isaac boss looks like after being defeated

Damn did I feel like a badass! It's the secrets like this that keep myself and other gamers coming back for more when it comes to The Binding of Isaac. I felt so accomplished after clearing the Boss Rush room. They even awarded me a star after doing it. Now only if I completed the rest of the run after that...

A Gold(Black) Star for Me!

Other Isaac players, have you defeated the insanely challenging Boss Rush room? Did you even know it existed or were you a naive n00b like me? I want to hear about your experiences with Boss Rush so sound off in the comments section below!